Environment - Sanchez Energy Corporation

Sanchez Energy is committed to keeping our environmental footprint as small as possible. We don’t merely operate in communities, we live there. We continuously develop best practices to improve techniques to minimize impacts to land, water, air and wildlife. Environmental and community stewardship is integral to our core values and demonstrated throughout all of our operational activities. We are dedicated to operating safely and responsibly and we believe in continuous improvement through applications of technology.  Here are just a few examples:

Pad drilling.  To maximize efficiencies, we drill multiple wells from a single drilling pad, a technology that significantly reduces surface disturbance and waste when compared to more traditional drilling methods. The average modern well site is 30 percent smaller than wells drilled in the 1970s, with significantly more resources recovered using fewer wells.

Reducing Fresh Water Usage. We develop comprehensive water-management plans that take into account alternatives to fresh water supplies, water infrastructure and available technologies for reusing supplies, including:

Non-Potable Supplies. By utilizing non-potable water sources when available instead of potable water supplies for our drilling activities, we have been able to reduce our fresh water consumption.

Water Reuse. By capturing water in containment systems and treating and reusing it in our operations, we have been able to help preserve South Texas water supplies.

Reduced Air Emissions.  By utilizing zero vent systems when applicable, we are helping reduce emissions and improve air quality near our facilities.

Reducing Truck Traffic. Our commitment to the communities in which we live and operate includes finding ways to reduce the number trucks used in our operations. One way we are addressing this concern is by installing oil and water transportation pipelines to eliminate a substantial amount of truck traffic.
We understand our license to operate extends beyond meeting or exceeding all of the regulations and requirements pertaining to our operations.  Our dedication to stewardship is driven by responsible and caring employees who strive to preserve the beauty and viability of our environment and communities for generations to come.